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Levels of Consciousness – Part 2

A genuine Levels of Consciousness Scale is a great asset to anyone seriously willing to evolve and make their life situation better. As declared previously, the premise of this article series is that: “it’s all about Consciousness”. It is indeed all we have to appreciate what we experience and the main factor creating the experience in the first place!


In part 1 of this article, a scale of Consciousness Levels was presented. This free adaptation/interpretation of Dr David Hawkins’ scale describes six categories or ranges of Levels of Consciousness, organized in three sectors:


Sector A Suffering:

1) Submission (Submissive suffering with little to no hope of betterment)  

2) Survival (Reactive Suffering with stress as the core mean of motivation)

Sector B Growth:

3) Repair (Healing, learning and all positive processes start here, it starts with courage and Integrity)

4) Contribution (More flow and positive adaptability, understanding and harmony with natural laws)

Sector C Peace:

5) and 6) Liberation and Illumination (a drastic shift in the sens of Self happens here, beyond linear thinking, real Freedom beyond words and descriptions)


Now let’s see why is all this so relevant and how to practically make use of it. As for any journey, the evolutionary path starts with knowing where we are now. Before being able to make any progress it is indeed necessary to assess one’s current situation. In other words, it starts with being aware of where we stand from a Level of Consciousness point of view in every situation, at any point in time. In that regard, the key elements of each category, given in part 1, can be of great help.


For example, in a challenging situation, we could explore how we feel: is it overwhelming or do we feel powerless, not knowing what to do about it? This would definitely describe a category 1 state of Consciousness: “submissive suffering”. Are we more anxious, stressed, fearsome or angry? This would correspond to a category 2 mindset: “reactive suffering”. Do we genuinely feel like we can manage, despite the actual challenge, beyond the possible fear? It could be a category 3 with genuine courage. We can totally see here why so many coaching and personal development methods insist on the “You can do it!” mantra. Even though most of them might have never heard of the Scale of Consciousness, they are all trying to help ensure that their clients will have the very minimum level of natural, non-forced or faked power. By repeating it, over and over again, they are literally building safeguards and reinforcements in their client’s psyche. This type of positive programing is particularly useful in the lower Levels of Consciousness as the more we raise up the scale, the less programing there is, positive or negative. Another common approach is to just “fake it”! This can actually be helpful to some, providing that it actually helps them get “in the mood” of what they are pretending. If they are just pretending and still “not feeling it”, it may actually backfire and let them with even less self confidence. It can be a tricky play. Once our current position is assessed and if we’d rather feel differently, the key is to check in the upper levels, which is going to give us the frequency we need to make the shift.


Let’s say that we have something to do. We’ve been procrastinating for a while, feeling bad about it and not really knowing how to approach it. There’s a fair chance that we are actually in the first category (submissive suffering). Being blocked, not knowing what to do and feeling bad about it, are quite clear signs. So, to get out of that situation we could use some form of stress: making lists, having deadlines and accountability partners are commonly used for that purpose. Those may be perceived as positive stress as they are helping us to go upward on the scale. The feeling better systematically associated with rising up the scale is due to the simple fact that the higher we are, the more vital energy we spontaneously have at our disposal. Hence the apparent paradox of being more relaxed and yet achieving more. Structure, as it helps focus and channel our energy is a form of stress, a positive and possibly necessary one, to some degree.


Yet, organizing, planning and having to report on our achievements might not do the trick. It just means that we need an even more powerful energy to help us take off from where we find ourselves at the moment. Stress being a category 2 Levels of Consciousness energy, we may have to look for the solution on a higher rung of the ladder. We may have to look up to a category 3) a category 4) or higher type of energy. Let us see how it can look like.


Category 2 type of energy: Again, some commonly used are deadlines, accountability partners but also fear of all sorts of things including the consequences of not doing, scarcity, urgency, … Stress is king. Beyond the positive use of stress, it has been largely used as a manipulation tool. It is the playground of some mass marketing and other “decision making management” method users. They would usually make sure that their targets feel bad about some issue – that is to say that they are at a very low Level of Consciousness (category 1) about the issue – and then use some form of stress to elicit a survival mechanism and so prompt a decision and ideally an immediate action. It is quite interesting to observe how it’s done. Interestingly enough, once we are aware of it, it may be a little more difficult for it to work.


Category 3 type of energy: Clarifying one’s values and aligning their choices and actions with those (Integrity), finding something bigger than oneself to contribute to (it could be as simple as just helping someone), finding and modeling someone we can relate to, who has mastered the resolution of that kind of situation, focusing on what we already are good at and so are certain that “We can do it!”… Focusing on sure wins will foster that vibrational level in us and so will eventually make it easier to tackle even the more challenging tasks. If this doesn’t seem to work either, or before it can work, we may have to go higher!


Category 4 type of energy: Getting to know oneself better, our natural “wiring”,  and becoming more familiar with our natural tendencies, strength and weaknesses, gathering information on the task at hand, how it works and what may influence it, getting to know the natural laws at play, “going with the natural flow” of things as they unfold … A perfect image to illustrate that mindset is the Surfer. The surfer doesn’t control the wave, at all. He or she chooses their board, when they get in the water, and then wait for the wave they will want to ride. Once on the wave, their active control is focused on staying balanced while adapting to the currents to get where they want to go. When proficient enough, they can even add some acrobatics and look cool doing it! A perfect allegory for how we can approach a task or a challenge here.


Category 5 and 6 types of energy: Here the leverage can most commonly be activated by exposing oneself to people, situations, circumstances and other sources of stimulation that vibrates at that level. It can take the form of a work of Art, vibrating at high Levels of Consciousness. Some music, paintings and sculptures can really have a profound effect on our psyche. Once lifted up, we may be more opened to inspiration about our own situation and so be in a position to find new resources inside as much as outside of ourselves. It could also be to listen to an inspiring spiritual person or surrounding oneself with selfless truly loving ones. Just spending time in nature could definitely do it too. Being the realm of non linear thinking, it may not always be easy to make a direct connection between the effect of these energies and the actual task at hand. They act on a “bigger picture” and their benefits may far exceed the “resolution” of our current dilemma.


The key here is that there is kind of a “sweet spot” phenomenon. There is an energy level that will really facilitate, for that specific situation, our success and evolution. This “key” to unlock the situation, to initiate progress is not necessarily the only one useful in that situation though. It is indeed very common, once progress has started, to then get into and use different energies coming from different Levels of Consciousness. A mix of stress and integrity might be the first key, for example, in the form of the accountability partner to report to: On one hand having to report means deadlines and so some form of stress (possibly positive) and, on the other hand, following through on a commitment and honoring one’s engagements certainly builds integrity. We could then feel more confident and relaxed to just open up to what our real values are and get great energy and clarity from that. Or we could then be drawn to a new source of information that will give us a new, more efficient way to approach the situation. Or it can be the other way around, new understandings about ourselves or the situation may give us the energy to really start and work with an accountability partner… The critical point here is to be opened, “listening”, to Act on it and course correct whenever necessary.


So this is what this evolution cycle could look like:

1- Assessing our current situation,

2- Looking at higher Levels of Consciousness for something that would feel natural and doable,

3- Act on it,

4- Assess the results, and

5- start over at the beginning of the cycle.


There is no real linearity in the use of the scale. One could go from a category 1 Level of Consciousness to a category 2 or from 1 directly to 4 or 6, there is no set rules. Only the reality of each situation will tell us what to do. On the other hand, if we just try to use the highest energy level or “the one that worked last time”, it may just not work at all and add some discouragement to an already challenging situation.


It is not about what is good or bad. There is absolutely no judgement and what is appropriate is definitely relative. It is about what is going to help us rise up to a better state of Consciousness. It is better to be afraid than to be ashamed, for example, better to be angry than to be afraid, and so on… So, is anger good or bad? Neither. Using whatever vibrates at a higher Level of Consciousness than our current position, that will effectively facilitate our return to more Awareness, more Life, that’s the method. We should just keep in mind that below category 3, the use of these energies will still be depleting our Vital Force. So, if we are to use a stress enhancing energy (for example), we should do it for a period of time as short as possible. We may use whatever’s helpful, yet we want to do it consciously. And always remember that every situation is unique. So, we should always be prepared to adapt with no preconceived ideas. Yet, it could be helpful to have explored different scenarios and possibilities to fall back on if need be. Making our own list of things we can do when challenged and sorting them out to place them on the Scale of Levels of Consciousness could reveal very valuable when the time comes.


By becoming more familiar with the Scale of Consciousness, it will be easier and easier to know where we stand regarding any situation, at any point in time. It is about making it a habit to locate our Level of Consciousness in various activities, listening to music, natural sight seeing, … What is your own Level of Consciousness when hanging out with this friend? Is it always the same? How do we feel when thinking about our dreams, our projects, our family?


Let’s make it very clear. The purpose of this article is not to give the tools to determine other people’s Levels of Consciousness, nor is it to start categorizing situations or objects for that matter. It is a whole different endeavor with a different set of skills to master first. The aim here is to help becoming more aware of our own Levels of Consciousness, be it on our own or in the context of specific situations, relationships, or focused on what is important to us. We may have to dig a bit (or a lot) as how we feel it is not always simple or straight forward. We may have different feelings at once, conflicting ones even. The key is to learn to recognize them one by one and to locate them all on the simplified Scale of Consciousness. Doing so will give us a new venture point on what is at work in our psyche and thus, on why we get the results we get in different areas of our lives. One key element to notice is that we cannot necessarily know the Level of Consciousness based on external appearances: “To the fool, nothing looks more like a coward than a wise man”. Non action for instance, can occur at the level of “apathy”, of “fear”, as well as in “acceptance”! Yet there is a Universe of difference between the three vibrations and so between their outcomes. So, it may take some deepening of one’s ability to Observe inward.  


Exercises described in previous articles can be of great help here also. Training oneself to recognize systematically WHERE the first physical sensation appears when thinking of something, observing an object or considering a decision to make, will indeed facilitate our general awareness about how we feel in each situation. Observing, without comment or judgement is the “secret”. It is all about recognizing, acknowledging and accepting how we feel BEFORE trying to do anything about it! That level of non-attachment is what will give us the ability to see things clearly enough and eventually the actual power to change things for the better.


Again, if we locate “acceptance” and “non-attachment” on the Scale, it will immediately appear that those correspond to relatively high Levels of Consciousness. As discussed about the body temperature, this illustrates the fact that there is a minimum Level of Consciousness for anything we would like to do. There are actual Consciousness Technologies that will help determine these Levels very precisely. Such technologies will be discussed in later articles. For now, becoming more aware of our inner states and really familiar with their corresponding Levels of Consciousness is our focus. Doing just that, everyday, consistently over a period of three months, will enhance our awareness and ability to have power over our experiences, to an incredible degree. Again, such a thing is not to be described with words. Let’s experience it first and we’ll discuss it after, as much as we want to as it might then make sens.


It is most certainly obvious yet I will make it explicit. This is merely an introduction to the Levels of Consciousness and their implications. There is much more to get into to really get to the core of this topic. As stated in part 1, the work of Dr David Hawkins is a great source of insight on the subject. Yet, those who have red, or are going to read, “Power vs Force” and “Transcending the Levels of Consciousness” will see some differences and nuances between Dr Hawkins’ approach and what is presented in these articles. It is an opportunity to train yet another important skill: Discernment.


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